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How do you know what to delegate to a Virtual Assistant?

February 9, 2011

I love when a potential client comes to me and says: “I have a project I would like to have your help on.”  Then they clearly spell out the parameters and we go on from there. 

That’s an ideal client.  There are many more times however that I hear from someone who learns about what I do from a friend or colleague.  First thing they think is WOW!  I really could use some help with my home based or small business!  Then they call me all excited.  I ask them what they need.  They ask me what I do. 

That’s when I am faced with a typical dilemma.  I could spend an hour or two educating them about the possibilities.   Usually those conversations end in confusion and “maybe’s”

It also sounds like I am “selling” them… which is not the preferred method.

Therefore, I often ask, “what causes you to lie awake nights?” or “What are your pain points in your business?”  Sometimes there is an awkward silence on the phone or if present they look at me like I have two heads!  So I suggest to them that they go back to the drawing board and figure out what they really need and come back to me.   Otherwise we discuss their business and how it is running now.  Once I get a better feel for what they want and need, I make a list and we prioritize it. 

If you are thinking about getting some help for your business here is a guide to help you figure out what to delegate.

  1. List the tasks you do that do not increase your income.
  2. List the tasks you absolutely dislike doing.
  3. List the tasks you don’t know how to do at all.
  4. List the tasks you don’t do very well.
  5. List tasks you know you need to do but haven’t even begun yet.
  6. Are there tasks on your to-do list that never get done?
  7. List the tasks you do on weekends when you could be with your family.
  8. Take a few days or a week to write down everything you do in a day.

The last one is the hardest.  Most people who run their own show just seem to go from one thing to another and multitask so much that the day ends without them knowing how they really spent their time. 

Dieticians and doctors will often tell an overweight patient to list everything they eat for a week.  It’s kind of the same thing.  You don’t know where your problems are or how big they are until you go through an exercise like this.  You may think you are eating a simple turkey sandwich but when you add in the mayonnaise, cheese, the white hoagie roll and/or butter, you really don’t know that sandwich has 700-900 calories in it.  The principle here is the same. 

If you have trouble figuring out what tasks you can get help with, follow the advice here and see if it works. 

I also offer 1 hour free consultations for potential clients.  If interested, you can also visit my website and complete the Request for Consultation form and receive 2 hours free for every 10 prepaid hours.

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