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About Us

With 25+ years experience in the industry, we offer outstandings skills.

Since 2007 operated own corporation handling administration, marketing and bookkeeping for several clients on a remote basis.

Office administration and legal assisting – over 20 years:

Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley P.A.
+  One of the largest and most prestigious firms in Palm Beach County

Law Offices of Todd S. Stewart, PA.
+  Manage office and assist with large case load.

Wiederhold, Moses, et al
+  5 years assisting Senior partner.

Nationwide Unemployment Compensation Consulting firm
+  Responsible for 70 employees
+  Extensive travel and auditing, hiring, training, and set up of new offices

THE BREAKERS:  Five Star resort in Palm Beach County
+  Human Resources Administrator for over 1000 employees

+  Implemented significant cost savings in Employee Benefits for self-insurance program and accident prevention.



*   Motivated
*   Team spirited
*   Results driven
*   Analyze and resolve complex issues
*   Adapt well to ever-changing environments
*   Handle all situations in a confidential and ethical manner
*   Coordinate multiple projects
*   Meet strict deadlines
*   Consistently deliver high-quality work


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