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I’m Rose-Anne Raies, President of A+ Virtual Assistant, Inc.   Our mission is to provide quality work and to allow you to overcome your administrative burdens, either short-term or long-term. There are no benefit packages or office space, supplies, income taxes or other standard costs of hiring traditional employees. 

You can put your trust in A+ Virtual Assistant, Inc.

How can we help?

Delegating administrative tasks to A+ Virtual Assistant is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to save time and money while increasing productivity, and more efficiently managing the administrative aspects of a growing business.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant? What’s on the plus side?

+ Services by remote Internet access, digital transcription, email, fax and phone
+ Administrative, legal assistant, marketing support
+ Social media profile updating and posts, research and write blog posts
+ SendOutCards
+ Bookkeeping services
+ 20+ years experience in administration, legal and office management
+ Pay on as-needed basis
+ Free up your time; increase your income
+ No employee taxes or benefit packages
+ Services are tax deductible

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